Cersei Uno - Dominica

A selection of our Dominica investment options suitable for the Citizenship by Investment programme.

From $218,000


The alluring Cersèi Partners’s Uno Villa is an up-scale treehouse uniquely adorned with a two-story design, a personal plunge pool, ground-to-ceiling glass walls, a gourmet kitchen, a private outdoor rain shower adjoined to the second floor, and every luxurious facility required to complete your one-of-a-kind palatial abode.



Shared: From  $218,000 

Whole: From $1,500,000



Shares in this government approved project will qualify for Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment programme. A whole family can apply by investing in just one share + costs. Citizenship and a second passport of the Commonwealth of Dominica will enable the holder to visa-free travel to over 137 countries worldwide.