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The UK offers a points-based system for non-EEA nationals who are seeking to enter the country for business purposes, specifically under Tier 1 of the system. For this Visa, invest in a pre-endorsed new business.

Citizenship by Investment 

Great Britain has scenery for everyone to fall in love with. From rolling hills, sparkling lakes and lochs to snow-capped mountains, its natural beauty is astounding. Once a resident, you have access to the National Health Service (NHS) – free at the point of access for all. Britain is a world leader when it comes to healthcare, medicine and medical research. The UK is perfectly positioned for short trips if you want to explore Europe.


The Residency offers applicants a wealth of benefits and privileges:

  • Work for your own business full time.
    Have multiple businesses as an entrepreneur.
  • Achieve ILR through accelerated route in 3 years.
  • You don’t have to make any investment before visa approval.
  • You don’t have to stay continuously in the UK.
  • You receive free lifetime Medical (NHS) for all family.
  • You receive free education for children under 18 years.
  • Full time job for the Spouse.


To qualify for a business migration program, the applicant needs to score a minimum of 95 points under the points-based system.

  • Investing in recommended pre-endorsed businesses from GBP 100,000 : 75 Points
  • English Language (IELTS Test with 5.5 Score is required): 10 Points
  • Maintenance Funds : 10 Points


Invest in a recommended business with minimum GBP 100,000 – 200,000 investment.

With this option, minimum involvement from your end in day to day running of the business and has a high application success rate.
The applicant can also extend the Visa for a further 3 years after the initial 3 years each of which would require a minimum stay of 6 months per year in the UK.
After completing the stay and fulfilling the conditions of the respective program the Main Applicant & all family members get Indefinite Leave to Stay (ILR). Once ILR is granted all have to live 7-8 months continuously in UK to apply for Passport.

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