Three (families) become global citizens

We successfully made three families global citizens!

We processed and delivered the St Kitts and Nevis passport which gives them global visa free
travel for business, networking, leisure, medical services and so much more.

This is what they had to say when they received their passports.

The N family of four (4): “Being born and raised in Nigeria, we needed more safety options
for ourselves and most especially our children. A second passport will make it much easier
for us to travel and ensure a good life for the children.”

The K family of two (2): “As newly weds we knew we wanted to explore the world together
and we figured getting a second passport will make the experience better. We appreciate the
professionalism we received from Cersei partners, they kept us informed about the results of
each stage, sent us reports, and answered all our questions and concerns.”

Ms G: “I reached out to Cersei partners because I needed to liaise with elite investors and
attend world summits where I will have more networking opportunities. I had reached out to
three other companies before I came across Cersei partners and I must say their mastery,
competence and professionalism left me bewildered which is why I chose them to acquire a
second citizenship.”


What can you do with a St Kitts and Nevis Citizenship?
● Reduce travel time across borders.
● Give your generation a new lease of life with international opportunities.
● Ensure visa free movement across all the EU member states, the United Kingdom and
a total of 157 countries.
● A new nationality that allows seamless business transactions, property acquisition and
other financial dealings without the negativity of your previous nationality.

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