Generational benefits for new born

“I want my baby to enjoy the global privileges my wife and I now enjoy”

Mr & Mrs AD secured a second passport from us some months ago. A month after receiving
their passport, they discovered Mrs AD was expecting a child. Based on this, Mr AD also
wanted his baby to become a global citizen.

She will now have access to top schools, world class healthcare systems, a stable lifestyle and
transferable citizenship for generations to come.
Popular Actress and Singer, Shaffy Bello delivered the Grenada passport to the AD family.

As a global leader in the citizenship by investment industry, we at Cersei Partners assist
individuals and families become global citizens.

At Cerséi partners we process plan B options that guarantee financial freedom and
generational wealth. With unparalleled expertise, we assist our clients diversify their
incomes, build a legacy and acquire assets globally.

A second citizenship provides global visa free travel for business, leisure, medical services
and so much more.

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