Three (3) Generations secure a better future

“I want to secure the future for my generation. The past, the present and the future of my
generation need more life options”


Mr O.J of the Jacobs family secured a second passport for his parents, himself and his family.
Each family member had specific reasons for securing a second passport.
MR O.J’s parents needed access to prestigious healthcare services whilst Mr O.J runs an
international business that requires him to travel frequently. His wife, Mrs F.J runs a luxury
fashion house which requires her to stay ahead of global fashion trends. They also want their
children to access world class educational systems.

At the consultation stage, we discussed with Mr O.J his goal of seeking to secure a second
passport to ensure we match him with the appropriate passport that meets his needs. The
overall goal of the family was to achieve visa-free travels to countries around the world that
offer them numerous privileges.
After the consultation stage, we ensured to run a background check to ensure any possible
risk is eliminated then we develop a list of programs that suits the clients aspiration.
Mr O.J decided to secure the Vanuatu passport.

The Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment program gives the client numerous opportunities.
Such as:
● Visa free access to over 145 countries including the UK
● Access to better health and educational systems

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