Build a lasting legacy

“I want to give them a new future different from mine, I worked too hard for this to happen”

Mr R, the Group Managing Director of a multinational company and a widower “did not
come from money” based on his submission during the consultation with our team.
After years of working his way up, he concluded that there is a pertinent need to open up
global mobility privileges for his only son and daughter. Infact, he called it “a necessity”.

Mr R, his son and daughter visited our office to sign up for the St Kitts and Nevis
Citizenship. During their meeting his daughter stated that she once came across us through
social media and was really interested in the CBI program, unknown to her Mr R already had
the intention of making her interest a reality. She told us how excited she is about this

Mr R stated his goal for securing a second passport:
● Access to prestigious schools for both his children
● Visa free access to top countries, the freedom to visit and vacation with his children
● Better business opportunities for his children to enable them to get standard jobs
Based on his goals, we facilitated and delivered the passport to them in record time.

The St Kitts and Nevis passport gives the R family access to a thriving lifestyle and the
opportunity to build generational wealth.

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